Arain History   Arain  In Urdu : آرائیں‎  

Arains are ruler since the civil society established on the earth.In the Regions with significant populations. India and Pakistan Arains were the rulers of Arabia before Islam.There are claims that many Arain descend from Arabs who came to India with the invading armies of Muhammad bin Qasim.Arains came in sub-Continent with Muhammad Bin Qasim as his companions and Army. They came to India and got high place became Nawabs and state owners. Now Majority of Arains is in Pakistan (Punjab and Sindh).In this new state Pakistan.This assertion is supported by numerous references made in several Urdu language texts Arian Languages Punjabi,Seraiki,Sindhi,Urdu. Arains ruled the most among the other little casts. In 64 years of Pakistan's history Arains ruled for more than 30 years. The Arains are historically exclusively Muslim. Arain Tribes: British Raj period Arain Society Islamabad. origin of arain this caste is The Arains are historically exclusively Muslim Arain relationship (arain rishta) or Friends and families wedding on Arain Girls Brides Females in only arain caste.they are Arain Family People (Arain Caste/Tribe) History called Anjuman-e-Araian

Famous or known Families of Arains:

Bhutto Family of Larkana
Kasuri Family of Kasure
Mahar Family of Ghotki
Mian Family of Faisalabad
Kohastani Family of Faisalabad
Mian Family of Bagwanpura Lahore
Choudhri Family of Khanpure
Zardari family
Ghorki Famili of Lahore
Nawab Family
Sardar Family of Kasure
Ratta Family of Sadiqabad

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  3. Mein ny Muhammad Bin Qasim ka Novel parha ha lkn Wahan Arain ka Zikr tak nae hua????

  4. The novel Muhammad Bin Qasim doesn't deals with the history of Arains. The author Nasim Hijazi is of course an Arain but in the novel he focused on the situation of Muhammad Bin Qasim about the war or attack on Sindh. If you are interested to know about complete history of Arains then read Tareekh e Araian or Moulana Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi's book Aina e Haqikat Numa in which the respective authors have explained that the Arab tribes who entered in Indian subcontinent were known to b "Areehai" later Arain. Moulana Najeeabadi is well known Islamic historian and he have written the book Aina e Haqikat Numa with the references of Tareekh Farishta, Chach nama, and Tareekh Masumi those are the historic books written in Arabic and Persion.

  5. Arain is one of the most impressive, suitable and decent caste........

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